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Free webinar series aimed at helping companies more effectively manage their risk exposures and safety concerns

Risk Management Center Overview

Learn more about the Risk Management Center, a unique web-based software suite of safety and risk management tools designed to empower your organization's risk prevention efforts. The Risk Management Center is right for any organization that wants to:
  • Proactively manage risk exposures
  • Develop effective workplace safety programs
  • Reduce claims, losses, and associated costs
The risk management platform has recently been upgraded to enhance and streamline your risk management and occupational health and safety strategy. Attend this webinar to learn "what's new" and how to utilize the new features to enable maximum productivity.
February 2, 3:00 PM CT
February 11, 11:00 AM CT
February 16, 3:00 PM CT
February 25, 11:00 AM CT

Injury and Illness Prevention (IIPP) Development Using the Risk Management Center

Creating a comprehensive IIPP is an essential step to stay compliant, reduce costs associated with injuries, and create a safety culture at your workplace. IIPP's are required in 15 states, and are recommended as a best practice by OSHA. 

This webinar will cover the basic areas that need to be addressed in a written IIPP. It will describe how to write and implement an IIPP specific to your workplace. It will also describe how to find sample written forms in the Risk Management Center, plus which applications can help you successfully implement an IIPP.

February 18, 11:00 AM CT
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Safety Data Sheet and Hazard Communication Plan Management

Join us for a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) management webinar to train you on the key elements for successful administration of your hazardous substances. Learn about the new format for SDSs, which is part of OSHA's revised Hazard Communication Standard, and how to easily maintain your hazardous materials database.

This 30-minute awareness-level overview webinar highlights the importance of SDSs and how to effectively implement a Hazard Communication Plan.

February 22, 3:00 PM CT
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Resolve to Be Safe: Safety Best Practices for the New Year

The beginning of the year is a great time to review and update your safety programs. Learn how the Risk Management Center can be used to improve your organization's policies, procedures, and training, and easily develop an updated risk management and safety program. The webinar will cover the following applications in detail:

  • The Risk Management Library: a database of customizable resources
  • My Content: an application that allows you to customize Library documents and add your own company-specific materials
  • Training Track™: an application to manage all aspects of employee training

This webinar will be delivered by a certified safety and health expert. Ensure your organization's risk management programs are up-to-date for 2016.

February 3, 3:00 PM CT
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OSHA 300 Reporting Made Easy with Incident Track®

If an organization has 10 or more employees, it is required to complete OSHA's injury and illness record keeping forms on an ongoing basis. These records will be requested during any OSHA visit. Further, the OSHA 300A Summary must be posted in a public workplace area from February 1 until April 30. Organizations can incur a citation and fine if they do not comply with these regulations. 

Attending this webinar will help you understand OSHA's posting requirements and how to utilize Incident Track to complete and post OSHA 300 logs. This overview will be delivered by our certified safety and health experts.

February 8, 3:00 PM CT
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Webinars begin at 11:00 AM Central Standard Time unless otherwise indicated. Click the link to register and include Cobbs Allen as the BAN firm that invited you. 

February 17, Beating Benefits Bewilderment: Guidelines to Make Your Benefits Communication a Lot More Engaging, David Daskal

Join David Daskal from Jellyvision as he shares some simple, time-tested ways to engage your employees about all things benefits better than ever before.

David will discuss both high-tech and low-tech ways to:​

  • Make benefits communications exciting for employees
  • Communicate benefits in plain English
  • Personalize benefits communication
  • Use appropriate humor
  • Listen to your employees
  • Provide meaningful guidance

You'll learn to squash enrollment confusion, save time and money, AND win the beaming admiration of your boss.

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February 24, HR Technology: Human Capital Management Technology, Jamie Hawkins and Anne Burkett

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Cobbs Allen Holds Active Shooter Training

Posted by on February 1, 2016


Cobbs Allen associates recently had the opportunity to take part in an active shooter training course led by Lt. Ryan Bennett of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, Marine Police Division. Lt. Bennett is very experienced and knowledgeable about the topic and was able to engage participants in discussion about the matter. This company-wide discussion took place in response to the increasing number of mass shootings, defined as an incident where four or more people are killed or injured. 

Unfortunately, no one is immune to these tragedies, and it is important to be prepared in the case of a dangerous scenario. While these incidents are unpredictable and evolve quickly, there are often warning signs and actions that can be taken once you learn to identify intelligent options when confronted with an active shooter situation. Here are some of the ways that groups can prepare:


Cobbs Allen and StyleBlueprint are excited to announce an upcoming seminar focusing on how digital advertising can increase the revenue of your business. The one hour sessions are offered over two days at a variety of times so as many people as possible can attend. The seminar will educate participants on using digital marketing to grow your business, the basics of digital advertising, the best practices in hyperlocal digital marketing, how digital marketing compares to traditional advertising, and free tactics you can use! Digital revenue expert, Tim Reynolds, is speaking at the event. Reynolds has more than 15 years of experience creating and executing local digital revenue strategies. He is a published thought leader who has presented at major media conferences on trends and successes with digital marketing. He has the unique ability to explain complicated digital ideas in a way that business owners can utilize information to help their business excel. 

Top 5 OSHA Changes for 2016

Posted by on January 11, 2016


The last year of President Obama’s administration is fast approaching and 2016 looks to be a busy time for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), as it attempts to finalize significant rulemakings and guidance documents.

Here are the top five OSHA changes to look out for in 2016.


After years of lobbying from OSHA to increase the penalty amounts, Congress passed the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015, which President Obama signed into law on Nov. 2, 2015. Section 701, “Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act Improvements Act of 2015,” requires OSHA to increase its civil penalties for the first time since 1990. Under the act, a one-time “Catch Up Adjustment” will occur in 2016 and yearly increases based on the Consumer Price Index will occur each year after that. To effectuate these changes, OSHA will adjust the civil monetary penalties through an interim final rule next year. The increased penalty adjustment must come into effect by Aug. 1, 2016.


Webinars begin at 11:00 AM Central Standard Time unless otherwise indicated. Click the link to register and include Cobbs Allen as the BAN firm that invited you. 

January 13, ACA Update & Reporting Requirements, Stacy Barrow, Esq.

This webinar provides an update on recent events and regulatory guidance under the ACA, along with an overview of the ACA’s new reporting requirements for 2016.

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January 20, Hiring the Right People: Best practices for Recruiting and Talent Management, Bobbi Kloss

In this competitive marketplace does your organization have what it takes to attract and retain top talent? Learn best practices to implement within your organization for its total rewards strategy.

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January 27, Complying with HIPAA's Privacy Rule, Stacy Barrow, Esq.

This webinar explains an employer’s obligations under HIPAA’s Privacy Rule and satisfies HIPAA’s training requirement.  All staff members who use or access “protected health information” as part of their job duties should attend.

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I-9s Overwhelming You? Cobbs Allen Can Help

Posted by on January 5, 2016


Serving the needs of our clients is our purpose and to meet these needs, Cobbs Allen has developed a suite of core client services. We leverage our unique and comprehensive knowledge to help clients with the challenges of their business.

How confident are you in your organization’s I-9 files? Are you prepared for an unexpected audit? In a 2015 court ruling, an event planning company was fined $605,250, the largest amount ever ordered at the time, for failure to thoroughly complete I-9 paperwork for its employees. The majority of the violations included the employers’ failure to sign Section 2 of the I-9. 

If you have never conducted an internal review or if it has been several years since the last internal review, our HR Consultants can assist in completing an internal review for a sample of your current employees’ I-9s. A typical review will include an onsite assessment of the current files, a detailed report of the findings, and recommendations to correct any errors.  

For more information about these services, Human Resources Consulting or other Client Services, contact your Cobbs Allen Human Resources Consultant or visit our website