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April Client Spotlight: Dymax Inc.


Company Name: Dymax Inc.

Owners: Scott Balderson and Clark Balderson

Location: Wamego, KS

Years in Business: 35

Industry: Specialty Tool Manufacturing


For five generations Dymax has helped their customers by listening to their needs. Their success is rooted in “out-of-the-box thinking” about how steel and related materials can be designed to produce exceptional results and make the world a better place.  The origins of the company date back to John Balderson’s blacksmith shop 140 years ago.

Today, Dymax fabricates attachments and specialty tools. If you need it, they probably make it - from blade and plow attachments, to tree shears, to backhoe loader buckets.

Dymax is a customer-oriented company and appreciates what it takes to deliver that to the client. In a climate where many agencies are consolidating and growing centralizing operations, Dymax chooses to do business with Cobbs Allen because of the attention and level of service provided by Bob Johnson and his team.