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Cobbs Allen CEO Interviewed By Business Insurance

Focusing on niche expertise, strong client service and acquisitions enables small and midsize commercial brokerage businesses to win larger shares of the industry. 

According to Business Insurance, an authority on news about risk management for a number of industries, the fragmented U.S. brokerage industry provides plenty of opportunities. 

Business Insurance talked with Cobbs Allen CEO Bruce Denson Sr. to gain insight about strategy and growth. Denson says clients increasingly require expertise and accountability. Client relationships, while important, are just a part of the equation. The story notes Cobbs Allen’s quarterly stewardship reports and Guideline Report outlining the firm’s performance.

“A lot of it has to do with delivery of what you promised,” Denson Sr. said.


Learn more about outlook for smaller brokers and strategies for future growth by reading the full story on Business Insurances website.