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Cobbs Allen Kansas City Office Celebrates Success


When Cobbs Allen first opened our Kansas City office, President Bruce Denson Jr. set a goal that the office was to be profitable within its first 18 months. With the leadership of Kansas City Vice President Matt Weaver, this goal became reality and the Kansas City office is thriving.

“We’ve put a focus on two primary strategies: hiring quality people and seeking out alternative funding mechanisms,” Matt Weaver said.

These strategies have enabled our Kansas City team to more than double in size, requiring a new office space, add a multiple employer practice group to Cobbs Allen’s expertise areas and launch a new health care benefits platform.

Looking forward, the Kansas City office plans to seek out more quality team members and to stay innovative and transparent in identifying the best solutions for our clients.

“We had no doubt that Matt Weaver and the Kansas City team would be able to reach and surpass the goals we set for them," Bruce Denson Jr said. "We are proud of all they’ve accomplished in their two years as part of the Cobbs Allen family and look forward to many more accomplishments to celebrate in the years to come.” 

Since opening the Kansas City office in 2015, Cobbs Allen has opened offices in Houston and New Orleans, as well as creating Teneo Cobbs Allen—a joint venture housed in New York City.