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December Client Spotlight: Eagle Solar and Light


Company Name: Eagle Solar and Light, LLC

Owner: Sam Yates

Location: Birmingham, AL

Years in Business: 2 years

Industry: Solar Energy and LED Lighting



Eagle Solar and Light, located in Birmingham, Alabama, aims to be the leading solar energy and LED lighting systems provider. In less than two years, they have installed over 350 kilowatts of solar PV systems in Alabama, Colorado, North Carolina and Montana.

Cobbs Allen has been Eagle Solar and Light’s insurance broker for two years, but Cobbs Allen recently became a client of theirs also. Beginning in September of this year, Eagle Solar installed a 100kW interconnected rooftop solar system along with an LED retrofit of 450 light fixtures at our corporate office.

“It is important to Cobbs Allen that we be good stewards of our environment and of our financial resources,” said Grantland Rice IV, Chief Financial Officer at Cobbs Allen. “The solar and LED projects with Eagle Solar has allowed us to do both.”