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Golf Carts, ATVs and UTVs – Does Your Homeowner’s Policy Provide Appropriate Coverage?



With the rise of golf cart communities and popularity of driving golf carts and other recreational-type vehicles, understanding proper coverage for them can be confusing to homeowners. Below is an article from a friend and colleague with ATA WorkComp Fund, Donald Boatright. While this article is centered around his Wynlakes Golf and Country Club community, the coverage information is relevant no matter where you live and provides insight into what a homeowner’s policy will and will not cover.

Now that fall is upon us, I have seen an increased amount of traffic with our residents riding around the neighborhood on ATVs, UTVs and golf carts, especially golf carts in Wynlakes.  While riding around the neighborhood on these recreational vehicles is a fun thing to do, they all present problems from being “street legal” and they all present problems with your personal liability.  Do you know that you could be placing all of your personal assets at risk by cruising the neighborhood with these recreational vehicles?  Do you know that your homeowner’s policy will include and exclude liability coverage for these recreational vehicles?

Well, this is a little confusing, so allow me to simplify most homeowner’s policies for you. Most homeowner’s policies will include liability coverage automatically for ATVs, UTVs and golf carts, but only while these recreational vehicles are being used on your property – specifically, within the boundaries of your lot.  So, the moment you leave your property, you (the property owner and all of your assets) will have no liability protection - none at all!  The only exception to this is a golf cart.  If you are using your golf cart while golfing on a golf course, most homeowner’s policies will automatically extend coverage while you are in the act of golfing.

However, for our community, you need to be aware the Wynlakes Golf and Country Club does not allow the use of privately owned golf carts on the golf course.  On the other hand, if you or your children are riding the neighborhood in your golf cart, even if it is “street legal”, most homeowner’s policies will exclude liability coverage because you have left the boundaries of your property.  This is a really big deal for you personally – take heed!

Do you know you can remedy these homeowner’s exclusions easily?  You can purchase liability coverage for ATVs, UTVs and golf carts by buying an individual liability policy for each.  These policies are very cheap and can be added to your personal umbrella liability schedule.  You should discuss your own situation with your personal lines agent.  Please use caution while using these recreational vehicles and please remember the speed limit in Wynlakes is 25 MPH.  I hope to see you around our beautiful neighborhood! 

If you would like a review of your policy or have questions about adding an individual liability policy, please contact your Cobbs Allen Personal Insurance Consultant.

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