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IRS Reverses Decision: 2018 H.S.A. Limit for Family Coverage Remains


Earlier this year, the passing of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act caused a recalculation of the 2018 H.S.A. (health savings account) maximum contribution limit for family coverage under a qualified high deductible health plan, decreasing the limit from $6,900 to $6,850.

Recently, the IRS reversed its decision recognizing that changing the limit would be costly to administer. The IRS has agreed to accept $6,900 as the family H.S.A. maximum contribution for 2018.

What Employers Should Know

Employers may want to reconfirm the 2018 H.S.A. maximum contribution limit for family qualified high deductible health plan coverage with its employees. Employers who updated their plan documents to reflect the reduced limit should consider changing their plan documents and enrollment materials to reflect the correct 2018 family maximum contribution limit.

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