Alabama Road Builders Association is excited to be exploring the potential offering of a large group health plan to its members. If your company is interested in participating in the group health plan, you must submit a census.

Per carrier guidelines, member groups who do not submit a completed census will not be eligible for coverage during the first plan year. However, submitting a census does not mean you are obligated to enroll in the plan.


STEP 1 – Fill census form

There are two ways to submit a census:


OPTION 1: BlueCross group health plan OPTION 2: No small group health plan
BlueCross BlueShield MKT Form: if you currently offer a small group health plan through BlueCross BlueShield, you can fill out this form, which grants Cobbs Allen access to your BCBS member census. No employee PHI will be collected. Click here to download the form. Health Census: if you do not currently offer a small group health plan, you can fill out this spreadsheet with your employees’ information. Simply complete the top portion of the spreadsheet with all employer information and then enter all benefit-eligible employees’ information. Click here to download the census template.

STEP 2- Submit completed MKT/Census into the form below
Once you have filled out the MKT Form or the Health Census, submit it by using the form below. 
For additional assistance:

Please reach out to Patrick Pittman,, if you have any questions about this process!