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Employee Benefits Brokers Taking Matters into Their Own Hands


With the landscape in healthcare benefits in constant turmoil, it continues to be a challenge for organizations to believe they can, in fact, control their health care costs. In this month’s BenefitsPRO, chaos within the health insurance industry is discussed as a good thing in that with chaos comes opportunity.

Brandon Scarborough, Cobbs Allen Kansas City Senior Vice President and BenefitsPRO advisory board member, shared a few thoughts with Scott Woolridge for the article Your Move. Brandon said that brokers already have the necessary tools to help organizations contain costs. 

"To me, the biggest myth in insurance is that health care costs cannot be contained," Scarborough said. "The fact that this has become accepted in our industry is extremely frustrating. As advisors, it’s our duty to show companies ways to control their health care spend. Anything less than that, and we’re not doing our job.

For more information on how chaos creates opportunity and how it may help your organization, read the full Your Move article here.