Believing in Our People.

A risk management firm encouraging risk-taking among its young producers might seem counterintuitive, but that’s what is required when you strive for innovation in service and leadership. After all, you can’t expect to grow while maintaining the status quo and you can’t punish failure when its aim is improving our ability to serve clients. 

Cobbs Allen was built with a focus on serving clients as a superior level to the rest of the industry, and more than that, be out front of their risk, leading them through what is in front of them. To do this, requires people, in many different roles and with many different backgrounds, to all put the needs of the client first. When the stars align and this happens, a culture is created, and that is what we think is key to our ability to grow, and more importantly, serve our clients at a high level—creating a culture that is focused on clients. 

As much as technology and experience drive what we do day to day, ultimately this business is driven by people, a team of experts focused on serving clients. Empowering team members that are truly experts in their field, and empowering them to solve problems is what we are in the business of doing. It is our mission, and why we believe in being out front. 

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